A Revolutionary Approach to Health Anxiety


Learn how to move through health-related anxiety using integrative change work and homeopathy so that you can live more and fear less. This course is designed, not only to resource you so that you can feel more empowered in your life, but also to offer substantive change through the practice we do together in session.

We’ll start by exploring empowering perspectives on health, disease, and health anxiety so that you can begin rewriting the old stories that no longer serve your vitality. You’ll learn skills and cultivate resources during each session that you can use every day to interrupt and extinguish old anxiety patterns, and more and more, cultivate a felt sense of safety and trust in your body and in life. You’ll also learn the most common homeopathic remedies to support you in moving through health anxiety.


The Details

Three Fridays in March: 1st, 8th, 15th

90 minute Zoom sessions begin at 12pm Eastern


Session 1: Education & Awareness

Explore health, disease, & health anxiety from the perspectives of neuroscience, homeopathy, parts work, and poly-vagal theory. Journal prompts and practices will invite you to rewrite old stories and court new ones that strengthen your felt sense of vitality.  We’ll conclude with my “Vital Force” self-hypnosis specifically designed to catalyze a shift in your experience of health anxiety.

Session 2: Moving through Health Anxiety

Learn the basic framework of change through specific practices based on integrated principles of neuroscience, NLP, parts work, hypnosis, poly-vagal theory, and somatics. This session will not only provide you with resources to empower you now and in the future, but it will also catalyze change as we implement the practices together. Note: Practicing between sessions will amplify your experience!

Session 3: Homeopathic Remedies

Deepen your knowledge of often-used homeopathic remedies for health-related anxiety, and learn how to use them in acute situations so you can move through it with greater ease.

Other Goodies You’ll Get:

  • Guided audio recording of my “Vital Force” self-hypnosis.
  • A resource guide full of self-healing practices.
  • Printable remedy cards.
  • Access to my Homeopathy 101 course that offers an overview of homeopathic healing philosophy and the core principles of homeopathy. $23 value
  • Change Work for Anxiety workshop: Always free, but it is great preparation for this course.
  • A private Facebook group for the duration of the course where you can post questions for me and reflections from your practice. I’ll be there daily to respond and provide support.

This course is for folks who experience health-related anxiety.

Anxiety about health shows up in all kinds of ways for folks. Your version of health anxiety doesn’t have to look a certain way for you to benefit from this course. You’ll benefit if:

  • You can participate in online learning (or watch/listen to the videos at a later date).
  • You’re motivated and willing to learn and practice new skills.
  • You understand that the benefits you experience are, in part, dependent on your application of the knowledge and skills out in your life.
  • You have a basic understanding of homeopathy (I include Homeopathy 101 so you can learn the basic philosophy if it’s new to you).
  • You’re willing to stay curious and open to changing your mind…AND your body.

*This is course is for educational purposes only. It does not provide nor does it constitute medical advice or therapy.*


Important to Know

Registration begins February 5 and goes through February 29.

Investment: $112 | $90 for active clients

Pay-What-You-Can & Equity Spots

One pay-what-you-can spot is available for this course and one equity spot is available. Please email me to indicate your interest in one of these spots. I will provide application questions for you.

Equity spots are discounted spots for BIPOC women.

Pay-what-you-can spots are for anyone and offered in good faith. Please only apply for one of these spots if you have a genuine need.

These spots will also be selected based on commitment to being at each session and practicing between sessions. (Please submit by Feb 25th, as selections will be made by February 26th).


Sessions will be recorded, however, if you cannot make a live session, please listen to the previous session if you plan to attend the next live session, as the classes build on each other. You can absolutely purchase AND not attend any live sessions if this time does not work for you.

I will randomly select one participant who attends all three live sessions to receive a free one-hour coaching session with me (a little incentive to attend all the sessions live)!

Upon registration you will receive an e-mail prompting you to set a password for your account. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it. The Zoom link for your sessions will be found in the “My Sessions” tab of your account page.

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