• This course teaches you about homeopathic remedies for common summer concerns, including bug bites and stings, rashes, sunburn, heat exhaustion / heat stroke, swimmer's ear, swimmer's itch, and more.

  • Homeopathy 101 teaches you the foundations of homeopathy. This course offers an overview of homeopathic healing philosophy and the core principles of homeopathy, including the Vital Force, the Law of Similars, Minimum Dose, nature's healing process, holism, the role of symptoms, the relevance of expression and suppression, practical considerations, and a bit of history.

  • In this free one-hour workshop I share new ways of thinking about anxiety, and I present techniques that you can use to shift your experience of anxiety right now.

  • This course teaches you how to select homeopathic remedies and potencies for acute concerns. You will learn how to "take a case," find a resonant remedy, and choose the best potency and dose so that you can feel more confident using homeopathy at home for fever, cough, injuries, stomach bugs, ear infections, and more.

  • Homeopathic tissue salts are an easy way to get started with homeopathy at home, and they’re an important addition for anyone already familiar with homeopathic medicines.
  • This course explains how and why our bodies create symptoms, from the perspective of a homeopath. You'll learn empowering ways that you can relate to your symptoms so that you can heal more and suffer less, even in the midst of symptoms.