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Homeopathic Sea Remedies

Reading Time: 16 minutes

A Portuguese Man of War stung my shin two weeks ago. I was swimming in the ocean with my family, and we’d seen a number of them washed up on the beach. Not long before it happened, my husband mentioned seeing one floating in the water near us. I didn’t think much of it, until that sting.

You really get to know a homeopathic remedy (and its healing potential) when you experience the toxic effects of its source.

I felt a pinpoint shock like an intense bee sting that nearly brought me to my knees in the water. But unlike my experience of bee stings, the pain intensified exponentially after the sting. […]

Music and Homeopathy

Reading Time: 8 minutes

Music and homeopathy. It’s all energy, wave, vibration.

If you are grieving and feeling unable to cry or express, you may take Ignatia.

But the same energy is in a song like Last Kiss (see below). It, like homeopathy, is an energetic catalyst. If you are grieving and feeling unable to cry or express, you can also receive a remedy through a song.

Like cures like.

Finding what moves the medicine that’s already in you…that’s where the magic is.

I posted these slides on Instagram, and it was just too fun not to share here on the blog.

What would a song be if it were a homeopathic remedy? Here are eight […]

Ten Homeopathic Remedies I Won’t Travel Without

Reading Time: 15 minutes

My mom reached out recently asking for a small list of homeopathic remedies she should bring on her upcoming travels. I’m not one to pack light…I have two remedy kits that I fill every time I travel, so a “small list” felt like a challenge. But I thought about her request, and I came up with TEN homeopathic remedies I won’t travel without. I shared them with her, and I’m sharing them with you, too.

If you’d like to receive printable postcards for each of the remedies in this list, you can grab them here.

Ten Homeopathic Remedies


Welcoming Winter’s Medicine

Reading Time: 14 minutes

I have a long history of resisting winter. I blame it on the cold temperatures, the grey skies, and the darkness. I’m realizing, though, that my resistance is not just about the weather or the darkness.

I recently read Katherine May’s Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times. I started it during a much-needed, holiday-driven pause that included time away from scrolling and posting on Instagram and an overall mental break from work. It also coincided with a massive clean out of our first floor and the establishment of a simplified, make-shift kitchen in our basement. The second […]

Homeopathy for Mothers During the Holidays

Reading Time: 13 minutes

The holiday season is upon us. In the northern hemisphere the days are dark and nature’s fertile void invites us to slow down, but our culture and systems have us rushing, doing, and planning. Add to this family gatherings, amplification of grief and loss, expectations, excess, and more…most of us feel anything but resourced during the holidays. Mothers, in particular, may feel the intensity of this time. We tend to be the “magic makers” of this full season.

Rather than turning to coping mechanisms that leave you feeling even more depleted, consider these homeopathic remedies for support during the holidays.

But First…

Even before the homeopathic remedy, I invite you to explore […]

Homeopathy for Teens

Reading Time: 13 minutes

Teenagers are going and growing through remarkable changes. Even the most vital bodies can benefit from support through this liminal space. Homeopathy is a gentle way to nourish and nurture your teenager.

While these remedies are ones to consider for your teen, consider them for you, too.

Mothering a teen can bring up all the old feelings and traumas we may have suppressed. We are not only mothering our teens, we are often remothering our teen selves during this transitional time.

Homeopathy for Teens


In acute situations, consider starting with a […]

Lyme Disease: A Homeopathic Perspective

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I’vm working with more and more folks who may have Lyme or have been diagnosed with Lyme. This, along with my own history, prompted me to share this homeopathic perspective on Lyme disease.

Lyme (or any infectious) disease reflects an individual’s susceptibility to the disease (or the bacteria). Not everyone who gets a tick “bite” develops Lyme disease, and not everyone with Lyme disease has gotten a tick “bite.” (Quotations because it is not exactly a bite, rather it is more of a puncture wound). Also to note, some of us are more susceptible than others to the ticks themselves.

The disease arises because the bacteria or the tick […]

Homeopathy for Caregivers: Cocculus Indicus

Reading Time: 5 minutes

We’re nearing the end of the third week of acute symptoms for the kiddos in our house. Some of the symptoms (or kids) have needed close attention from mom and homeopathic care.

Cocculus Indicus, however, was for me rather than the kiddos. It’s a remedy to think of when you are feeling the effects of worrying about or nursing your loved ones.

Last week after being awake with my sleepless daughter for two nights, and well into the second week of kids being symptomatic, I couldn’t settle in to sleep despite feeling absolutely exhausted in mind and body. One dose of 30C Cocculus, and I fell fast asleep.

Cocculus […]

Homeopathy Works

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Why am I not responding to my remedy? Could it be that homeopathy just won’t work for me?

I recently held my first Ask-the-Homeopath session, and this question came up during the hour. It’s an important one with many possible answers, so I wanted to share my thoughts on what might be happening when you don’t get the response you expect or desire following a homeopathic remedy.

You need a different remedy.

If you take a remedy that is not your simillimum (i.e. the remedy whose essence and symptom picture is most similar to yours), you mayn’t […]

Understanding Your Symptoms: A Homeopathic Perspective

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Symptoms are the language of the body. Healing asks us to become fluent in this language.

We so often judge or evaluate our symptoms as bad. While I know it can feel like symptoms are setbacks or obstacles that get in our way, the truth is our symptoms are here for us. They are the way our body communicates with us.

When we better understand how and why our bodies create symptoms, we can relate to them in new and empowering ways. And when we shift our relationship with our symptoms, we can move through them with greater ease, less suffering, and more healing.

So, when symptoms feel like a setback, […]