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Symptoms are the language of the body. Healing asks us to become fluent in this language.

We so often judge or evaluate our symptoms as bad. While I know it can feel like symptoms are setbacks or obstacles that get in our way, the truth is our symptoms are here for us. They are the way our body communicates with us.

When we better understand how and why our bodies create symptoms, we can relate to them in new and empowering ways. And when we shift our relationship with our symptoms, we can move through them with greater ease, less suffering, and more healing.

So, when symptoms feel like a setback, remember this:

If you’d like to learn more about these empowering perspectives on symptoms, check out my 1-hour online course. Understanding Your Symptoms: A Homeopathic Perspective explores these and more so that you can begin transforming your relationship with your symptoms and heal with greater ease, even in the midst of symptoms.