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Eleven days, nine states, two national parks, forty-nine state license plates, kids bickering, countless songs and pit stops, and so many lessons learned from immersing ourselves in the landscape of life. Our family’s cross-country road trip punctuated a summer – and a year – full of invitations to learn and grow. I was on the other side of, what some might call, a healing crisis when we landed in Badlands National Park, a magical place that stunned me with its beauty and reinforced a truth I’ve come to know through healing:

Life is a collection of invitations to remember our wholeness.


your inherent & infinite vitality

From the Earth

The Badlands were an after-thought, a detour planned in the last hours before we left Michigan for Denver more than a week before. We added hours and awe to our return drive.

The shadows grew long and the colors darkened as we pulled into the park. We could feel her quiet the moment we stepped out of the car.

Leo and I climbed up the side of a clay spire adjacent to our cabin as the sun descended behind the peaks in the distance and the waxing crescent moon rose above them.

The sensory experience astounded – not only the quiet, but also the contrast of colors, the shapes, the crumbling rock between my fingers, the smell of dryness, the feeling of being tethered firmly to the land and equally connected to the sky above.

From the Stars

The sky blackened, and I returned to our cabin, surprised to find my family and two meteorologist grandmothers gathering around a high-powered telescope.

These two people were a gift, and they graciously shared the outdoor space, their skills and tools, and their warm energy with us for the whole of the night. Mostly, though, they blessed our trip with the memories of stars.

Through their telescope we viewed the rings of Saturn, the intensity of Jupiter, the bumpy details of moon craters, multiple galaxies, and nebulae. With our naked eyes we captured the sparkling dust of the Milky Way and the fiery tails of meteors reaching across the blackness. It felt like a glimpse at the source of our creation.

My mind marveled at the creative potential of the universe. My heart felt the oneness that arises from awareness of our shared elements and consciousness.

Like the universe, pure potentiality and stardust are our essence. 

I remembered the truth of my wholeness through the vitality of the stars that inherently know how to be born, how to live, and how to die with ease.

Our cells know this vitality, too.

I saw the power of a memory in the light of a star, her brilliance shining for us down here even after she ceases to exist out there.

Our memory is powerful, too.

This, to me, is the essence of revolutionary healing: rememberingand embodyingour wholeness, or our innate and infinite vitality. When we remember the truth of our wholeness, we heal with greater ease and die with less dis-ease.

Healing, at its core, is a practice of remembering.

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you—all of the expectations, all of the beliefs—and becoming who you are.


From Memory

I felt discouraged by symptoms this past year. I’d been feeling well for so long, I didn’t expect them. But I sensed the invitation in themremembering wholeness has always been part of my healing and my work. This invitation and these symptoms, though, asked me to go deeper than I’d ever gone before.

Just like our eyes experience the energy of a star that is only a memory, our bodies and minds experience the expansive and contractive energy of memories…from our personal past, our ancestors, the collective, the universe. Our cells literally function and malfunction through the energy of memories.

For me, symptoms were triggered by subconscious memories of disconnection and threat that sent my autonomic nervous system into a self-protective sympathetic response in an attempt to restore harmony and safety.

Harmony returned as I (with the support of others and my medicines) honored these symptoms for their invitation and practiced embodying the memory of my innate wholeness and vitality.

A woman standing on a rock

From Me to You

I’ve not shared the specifics of all that I am doing personally in this blog post for a reason: There is not one right way to remember your wholeness and catalyze your vitality. My medicine may not be your medicine, and my process certainly won’t look exactly like your process. I’m not a fan of the “How-To” for healing. Part of my work in the world is catalyzing your sovereignty over your process.

Nonetheless, the medicines I offer in my work are some of my favorite medicines. This is my invitation for you to remember your wholeness with me through the medicines of homeopathy and self-awareness, both of which are fueled by authentic connection, self-expression, and the safety of embodiment.